​​​​Oak Tree Wedding Venue

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Oak Tree Wedding Venue

If you are looking for the right wedding venue, but you still haven’t found one, you might want to consider Pine Lake Ranch’s oak tree wedding venue. Right next to Lake Conroe, Pine Lake Ranch is a beautiful place to host an outdoor wedding ceremony. PLR captures the natural beauty of Texas and offers acres upon acres of open land for the couple and all of their guests. When you reserve our wedding venue, everyone will have access to the grounds from 9:00 am to 12:00 midnight.

The Couple Should be the Focus at Every Wedding

Many of our couples once dreamt of exotic and or lavish weddings, only to get older and realize how impractical they are. For one thing, when a couple chooses an extravagant wedding venue or excessive decor, themes, or entertainment, it usually turns out to be more to manage, more of a distraction from the couple getting married, and more of a headache that’s worth dealing with. One of the upsides about Pine Lake Ranch is that it gives you simplicity on your wedding day but does so in a way that doesn’t detract from or decrease the quality of the occasion.

Our ancient oak tree wedding venue makes the bride and the groom the focus of the day. With the bride and groom in the front and the live oak tree in the back, a romantic and soul-stirring wedding ceremony can take place. At night, the oak tree is string-lit and provides for a breathtaking backdrop for couples exchanging vows.

Simplified Overview of Venue Features

On top of the rustic rural appeal that our live oak tree wedding venue provides, Pine Lake Ranch is a wonderful place for all of your guests to mingle and enjoy the occasion. PLR has a bass stocked fishing lake for catch and release fishing, a man’s cave with sofas and a flatscreen, a ranch house bridal suite, and a full barn for the reception.

PLR is the Perfect Wedding Venue for People from All Walks of Life

Whether you are an atheist, Baptist, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witness, Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other religion, PLR is the perfect wedding venue for a diverse crowd. The downside of marrying in a church, mosque, or synagogue is that some of your guests may not feel welcome or comfortable there. At Pine Lake Ranch, you don’t have to worry about that because our venue is neutral. Unless you customize your wedding with religious undertones and decor, PLR is simply an all-natural, rural wedding venue that anyone will feel comfortable in.

We’re Committed to Your Wedding Day

The Pine Lake Ranch staff is known for superior support and service from the planning phases of the wedding to the day of the wedding ceremony. One of the perks of choosing Pine Lake Ranch over other Conroe wedding venues is that our couples get more than a wedding venue from us – they get a team of experienced wedding hosts who are as dedicated to making the couple’s Big Day a successful and memorable for everyone as they are! From help with setting up and taking down tables and chairs to assistance in selecting the best decor and entertainment for the wedding, the Pine Lake Ranch staff is there to assist at every turn. Visit our oak tree wedding venue ASAP.

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Oak Tree Wedding Venue

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